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  The Power Of Prayer

Ask, and it shall be given you; Seek, and ye shall find, Knock, and it shall be opened unto you ~ Matthew 7:7

Prayer. Why pray? Does anyone listen?

When the world caves in around you, prayer can lift you from the depths of despair. So many times we hear that "God doesn't listen" but is this really true? Remember, that God has His plans for each and every one of us. What we think should be the answer to our prayers is not always in God's plan. As Christians we need to train ourselves to look where we least expect it for our answer.

Pray often, pray hard.

Maybe you didn't get the million dollars you prayed for, but did you really get an answer? Did a troublesome teenager finally realize that the life he or she was leading would lead to his or her self destruction? Did the tumor that was robbing you of health begin to shrink and disappear? God DOES answer our prayers, we just need to learn to recognize that He knows what we need and that the answer that was in His plan for us may not be what we planned.

Trust in the Lord. Know that He does listen. Pray with a clean heart and a healthy spirit. Pray often, pray hard. Your closest friend is listening. His love for you will never let you down if you put your faith in Him and trust that He knows what His right for you.

See our links section for more information about the power of prayer, praying, and prayer groups. Also see "The Kneeling Christian", a book length dissertation on praying that will enlighten and inspire you.

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