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  TV Does Have An ImpactFriday, December 1st, 2023  
by Dr. Paul Faulkner

Evidently some people still don't understand that what we see on a movie or a TV screen does have an impact.

I read of one movie-goer's experience sitting behind the parents of a six year old who had been brought to an R-rated film. And when the six year old screamed at the sight of someone being shot in the face, one parent slapped her and told her to shut her mouth.

Oliver Stone, the director of that film, allows his own sons, 10 and 3, to attend his movies. He says, "Well, I wouldn't want either of my children to see an obscene or dangerous that they might not understand, unless I have the chance to explain it to them."

My question is, why is it important for a ten year old or a three year old to understand obscene and dangerous ideas meant for grown-ups?!

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