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  Eliminate Credit Card Debt Forever Monday, September 25th, 2023  


A little over a generation ago a credit card was something only the very rich or famous would have had access to or let alone used on a regular basis. Today it is not unusual for many of us to have an average of six credit cards in our wallets and to have thousands of dollars in credit card debts. As long as we can make the monthly payments the banks and credit card companies seem quite content to allow us to amass small mountains of debts on our credit cards. Judging by the number of offers we receive in the mail they appear ready to allow this situation to continue for a long time.

From their perspective it makes sense. Every month we spend more and every month we pay them exorbitant interest rates for the use of their money. But miss a few payments and see how their attitude changes. Suddenly you become a pariah of the credit world and your credit card debts becomes a millstone around your neck. Before it gets to that point there are several things that you can do to deal with these debts.

The first step to eliminate credit card debt is to review your credit card spending to see how much trouble you are in. If you are using one credit card to make payments on another card you are in serious trouble. If you cannot make all your payments every month then you are also in credit card hot water. But even if you can make the minimum payments every month you may be sliding into a serious credit card problem even as the banking managers are smiling down on you. That’s because the interest charges keep piling up and your accumulated credit card debts keeps growing. Until you limit your use of your credit cards that problem will only to continue to grow.

The fastest and easiest way to eliminate credit card debt to get rid of all but one of your credit cards and keep lowering the spending limits of that one card until you feel comfortable with the amount of money you owe on credit. That will allow you and not the credit card companies to control your debts and over a period of time you will not only learn to borrow less but to spend less as well. Wouldn’t that be a welcome change?

Do you need help to eliminate your credit card debts ? You can contact one of our Christian counselors using the form on the right for some free credit card debt elimination help and advice. They will help you to lower your payments today.


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