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  Free Debt Consolidation May Save Your Credit Rating Sunday, May 26th, 2024  


Free debt consolidation services are available to the many American families have gotten into bad habits that have led them to a situation of recurring and increasing their debts. While the solution appears to be easy: just stop spending more than you make, the reality is that most people fall so far behind that they have trouble figuring this out on their own. They just continue to borrow and spend until one day they find their credit cards maxed and their debts overwhelming. Their standing with the banks and credit card companies is in jeopardy as well as their credit rating.

If you find yourself in this same situation there is a way out. You can apply for free debt consolidation quote and get immediate help for your debt problems. This process works by allowing you to combine all of your outstanding debts into one consolidated payment. That way you can maintain your lifestyle, get out of debt, and save your credit rating at the same time.

There are many advantages to getting a free debt consolidation quote that include the ability to pay off longstanding debts and transferring higher interest credit card debts to a lower or even zero interest payment. Best of all you get one combined monthly payment that is lower than what you were already paying to the banks and credit card companies.

You can work through your bank or credit union to arrange a consolidation program or you can also use our credit counseling firm that also offer this service. They will review your debts and make recommendations to you on the best way to resolve your problem. You can get a consolidated payment plan without a loan or collateral if you have a full time job or you can look at other options to refinance your debts.

One of the most popular options for debt consolidation is to use the equity in your home to reduce personal debt. Banks, credit unions, and mortgage lenders like this type of loan because the loan is secured to the value of your house. Because of that they are often willing to give you the best interest rates available and in addition to the best rates you also get a side benefit of having your taxes reduced as well. That’s right; the interest on a home equity loan that you use to consolidate your debts is tax deductible from your federal income tax. You get out of debt and the government pays the interest. Not a bad deal as long as you don't mind risking your home over some credit card debts... we have a better plan than than for sure.

Need more information? You can contact one of our Christian counselors using the form on the right for some free debt consolidation help and advice. They will help you to lower your payments today.


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