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  Advice For Christians On EntertainmentTuesday, May 28th, 2024  

Family entertainmentIt seems that the entertainment industry has let its moral standards fall over the lest 30 years. Movies once designated as "X" rated are now seen right in our living rooms during prime time. And, movies that are labeled for "General Audiences" have scenes of violence and sexual inuendo that are far beyond what a child should ever see.

Even television has decayed to sex selling decadence. It's possible to just unplug the TV and never go to the movies, but there are valuable shows to be seen as well. If you know where to look and what to look for, it can be possible to live a clean Christian life and still be "entertained".

We've searched to find the best in Christian entertainment for you and your family, along with articles about the entertainment world, what to watch for, what to avoid, explanations of movie rating guides, along with tips to make your family entertainment sessions more enjoyable.

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