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  Christian Art And LiteratureTuesday, May 28th, 2024  
Madonna And Child

Madonna And Child
Bernardo Daddi

All through history, artists have represented their love of God in their paintings, sculpture, writings and other medium. Much of this beautiful art originates from the very lands that Jesus walked. The viewing of Christian artwork and reading of Christian literature can heighten our awareness of our Lord's impact in our lives and deepen our relationship with Him.

With the advent of the World Wide Web, the global community is brought within easy reach. We can see the wonderful artistic expression right on the web without having to have the means to travel to far-away lands. Surf In The Spirit has filled these pages with representative artwork, literary prose and poetry, along with various writing about the use of these works.

We hope that you enjoy this section of our site and that you use the information and visual media to bring new depth to your walk in the path of the Lord.

To the best of our knowledge, all artwork represented on these pages is in the Public Domain. If you know otherwise, please contact Surf In The Spirit.

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