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  The Void Between Intent And PerformanceSaturday, May 25th, 2024  

We sing "Sweet Hour of Prayer"
and content ourselves with a few minutes of prayer each day, if even that much.

We sing "Onward, Christian soldiers"
and wait to be pushed into the Lord's service.

We sing "O For a Thousand tongues"
without rightly using the tongue we have.

We sing "Blest Be the Tie That Binds"
and let the least little offense sever it.

We sing "Serve the Lord With Gladness"
and gripe about all we have to do.

We sing "I Love to Tell the Story"
and never mention it all year to our friends and associates.

we sing "Cast Thy Burden on the Lord"
and worry ourselves into nervous breakdowns.

We sing "The Whole Wide World for Jesus"
and never invite our next-door neighbors to church.

We sing "Throw Out the Life Line"
and content ourselves with throwing out a fishing line on Sunday.

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