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  Christian Rock?Thursday, April 18th, 2024  
by David Sexton

We are living in a day when you can't tell what things are by their label or sign. We are facing something today called "Christian rock" or "Contemporary Christian music." It is the same music as rock 'n' roll, but with Christian words. Instead of glorifying Satan, drugs, sex, and rebellion, today's "Christian rock" seeks to glorify God, the Bible, love, and fellowship. The sad thing is that Christians and churches are playing and accepting this type of music.

I was alarmed the other day when I received a magazine entitled "Creation '97." This is supposed to be the nation's largest Christian festival. Inside the magazine were groups that looked worse, as far as appearance, than "hard rock" groups. Some were "Christian rock," "Christian alternative," and many others. I don't care what title you put on the label; if the music, not just the words, does not bring honor and glory to the name of Jesus, then it is wrong. Speaking at the festival was Anthony Campolo, a liberal himself, who said, "Being in the back room with many of these famous groups before they go on stage is absolutely frightening—the ego trips they are on and the language they use, to hear their hate for others—when show time comes, however, they go out on stage with 'Hey, aren't we together in Jesus Christ and the love we share, etc."' (Christian News Encyclopedia, Vol. 5).

It is time for youth workers and parents to wake up. Satan is trying to deceive us into thinking that because it has the word Christian on the label everything is fine. My Bible still say 'Abstain from all appearance (or forms) of evil." (I Thess. 5:22). Romans 12:2 says, "And be not conformed to this world...." It is time that we take a stand for God and righteousness. You are either on the Lord's side or Satan's side. On which side are you? Let's get back to the music that brings honor and glory to our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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