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  Things People Think About...Wednesday, June 12th, 2024  
While Singing In The Choir

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25. I wonder if anyone out there notices I forgot my lipstick this morning.

24. If Samson were here, would he be disappointed that we don't have any stone pillars for him to lean on?

23. I wonder who in the congregation will fall asleep first today?

22. 90 minutes till kickoff.

21. How many more verses?

20. What if some Sunday we have everyone in the choir wear regular clothes and everyone in the congregation wear robes? Yeah, that's the ticket.

19. I love my husband/wife so much, I wish I was out there in the congregation sitting next to him/her instead of up here.

18. I wonder if my pastor's sermon will be as good as Steve Brown's pastor's sermon.

17. Wearing choir robes is great. I don't have to go out and buy new clothes all the time to impress my friends.

16. Boy, I wish I had/hadn't skipped choir practice Wednesday night.

15. Why are there 666 hymns in the new Baptist Hymnal? Surely they realized the significance of that number. You'd think someone would have noticed and added or subtracted one.

14. If a wood chuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a wood chuck chuck?

13. I wonder what would happen if the congregation moved up here, and we moved down in the sanctuary? Would the Pastor preach to us or turn around and preach to them?

12. I wonder if anyone else in the choir has noticed the music minister has a wedgie?

11. Why don't we ever sing the third verse? We should skip the second verse for a change.

10. The pot roast.

9. What does the minister wear under his robes?

8. Will the person behind me ever hit the right note?

7. And to think the tune of this grand old hymn used to be to a British drinking song. I wonder what the original words were?

6. Did I turn off the curling iron?

5. I wonder what would happen if the ceiling fan fell and hit the preacher on the head.

4. How many people have lost more hair than I have?

3. How would the hymn sound if Metallica played it?

2. I wonder who ate all the jelly doughnuts before Sunday School fellowship this morning?

1. Wow, God loves me enough to let me sing in "His" choir.

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