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  How to Motivate Your ChildrenThursday, May 23rd, 2024  
by Robert J. Young

About 30 years ago I read a book titled "Creative Parenthood." The title intrigued me--just being a parent entails a certain kind of creativity. I do not know whether reading the book helped me be a better parent or not, but I am certain of this: creativity is a must in effective living, regardless of the task before us.

Recently in my random mental ramblings, I connected creativity with motivation. I do not know that any item in the list below is new, but I hope to remind us of the need for creative motivation in every arena of life. Whether we function as parents, church leaders, in business, or in civic responsibilities, our world is desperately crying out for those who can creatively help us find the will and power to go on in life.

May God bless you to be a creative motivator! Here are some "E" ideas.
    Be an example. Do as you expect others to do. Be a model for them.

    Encourage them. Understand the difference between encouraging and rewarding. One of the greatest sources of encouragement is building on natural motivations.

    Set high expectations, but within reason. Here are some important aspects in building a healthy relationship of expectation.
    1. Love and trust them.
    2. Give them a feeling of significance.
    3. Give them responsibilities.
    4. Bombard them with empowering words.
    5. Let them make their own decisions, and demand that they accept the consequences.
    6. Hold them accountable, monitor them.

    Be enthusiastic; make it exciting.
Perhaps these four concepts are not new--but putting them all together at one time can be the beginning of a wonderful renewal. May God bless you as you motivate others.

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