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  Is It What I Say?

Is it something I say, or is it who I am? This is a question every Christian needs to ask himself. It is easy to say "I am a Christian" but how often is it said without really thinking about what it means?

Being a Christian is not something that can be turned on and off. The most important task set before us to be witnesses of the Lord by living our lives as a good example to others. This cannot be done with words alone. It means letting every facet of our living, every action, every deed, reflect the attitude of a person in whom the Spirit lives.I am a Christian

I know that it is not always easy. Too often this life becomes so frustrating when we can watch the world around us degenerate into decadence and immorality. We get angry, we get sad, and we get numbed to our real purpose in life. We need to step back at these times and ask ourselves "What would Jesus do?"

Jesus, too, felt the emotions that this world imposes on us. If we are to follow Him, we are to do our best to react to the frustrations felt daily in the same ways He would have reacted. The old trick of counting to ten before reacting can work for us here, but instead of counting, why not use those ten seconds to ask ourselves "how would Jesus react?"

We can say "I am a Christian" but we will not really mean it until we train ourselves to be true followers of Jesus. Ones that emulate Him and try as hard as a human being can try to not only be Christians in the easy situations, but to be Christians in all situatuations.

Pray for the strength to hold back your reactions long enough to truly know Jesus, to know in your heart how He would react, and to show in your actions that you are, indeed, a Christian.

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