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  Network MarketingFriday, February 23rd, 2024  
Copyright 2002 by Dr.Vernon Brabham

Network Marketing Frequently overlooked by the man or woman who needs more money is a business called "Network Marketing". This is a home-based business that has, over the years, matured into a respectable opportunity.

Let's say that you are someone who, for whatever reason, needs to make some extra money to keep your household afloat. There are many things that could cause such a need. The company you work for is downsizing, or threatening to, a family member has a medical problem, you are retired or are about to, or you just need more money to stay even with all those bills.

What would you think of first? Usually a second job. If you are trained in some field this is what you would consider first. However, you may be limited in your choice because of conflicts with your present job. In any case, to get a job you just about have to take what you can get.

If you can get a job, or an extra one, it generally means low pay, Having to transport yourself to that job, having to clothe yourself accordingly, being away from home and possibly your children a good many hours a day. It means work that may be of low interest to you and to be subservient to a "boss". It means that your gender, your age, your educational level (low or high) and your ethnic background could affect your success in that job.

Going to work at this job means your chance to improve your salary as time goes by is slight. It means you have little or no job security. In today's world companies letting workers go is something we read about in the newspapers every day.

Now, let's look at Network Marketing:

1. You can work at home, thereby saving on transportation and clothes.

2. You are your own boss.

3. You can set your own hours.

4. You are not judged by your gender, age, looks,education or race.

5. Your potential earnings are unlimited.

6. You can start part-time and keep your present job until your new business prospers.

7. As you build your business it becomes more valuable and self-sustaining as time goes by.

8. You can count on a great deal of help, advice and training from your network marketing group. These are people who have an interest in your succeeding and making money since they share in your success. They are called your "Upline". You, in turn, will help others as you learn the business and will share in their success. This is called your "Downline".

9. Since you are in business some of your expenses can be tax deductable.

All of this sounds good, doesn't it? But wait a minute, let's take a look at the downside.

1. Maybe you don't want to work at home.

2. To be successful you must work, so you have to be a self-starter.

3. Your income is virtually unlimited but you are not guaranteed any income at all.

4. You will probably have to invest some money. Maybe $50 to $500.

5. Some start off making money but for most it takes at least a few months for the money to begin to come in.

6. To really make a lot of money you must be willing to commit to a minimum of 2 to 5 years in this business.

Okay, you have seen some pros and cons about network marketing. Like any other endeavor the success you achieve depends on how much you want it. If you are willing to give focused effort, commitment and persistence you have the potential to reach any level of success you desire. It is not unreasonable to expect, with these qualities, within a few years to create a residual, walk-away from, income for the rest of your life.

There is no other business I know of where this can be done without investing a large amount of money. And in Network Marketing you don't have to buy a franchise, rent a building, hire help and deal with payroll taxes. It's a simple, proven way to make money and is the wave of the future.

Vernon Brabham is a semi-retired Optometrist and a long-time Entrepreneur with an avid interest in Network Marketing. For more info on him and this timely subject to to:

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