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  Your Place In The BodySunday, May 26th, 2024  
by Steven Yeakley

Have you ever heard an orchestra "tuning up" before a big performance? Musicians practicing individually all together sounds like utter chaos. But, when the director comes out, every musician comes to a quiet attention. On signal, the group begins to play the piece of music laid out for them on their stands. Music that is well "orchestrated" can be a beautiful thing to hear.

In many ways, the church is like an orchestra. Just as an orchestra is composed of a variety of musicians, the church-body is made up of many members. And, as in an orchestra, each member of the church does not "play" the same part. But, as in an orchestra, each member does "belong to all the others" (Rom. 12:4-5). When members of the church unite themselves in the singular purpose of glorifying God, what is seen and heard is more than inspiring. What comes forth pleases God and points people outside of Christ to the Father.

How important are you to the Lord's church? Imagine what it would be like, if, while performing, one or two musicians in an orchestra decided not to play, even for but a minute. The silence they would create would be "deafening." A needed part would not be heard.

An important theme in the musical piece could not be completed without their help. So it is in the Lord's church. There are works that God has planned for His children to do (Eph. 2:10). And, when even one Christian decides not to be a part of His plan, something gets left out; someone does not hear the Gospel; needy fail to receive help: lonely ones go without encouragement.

Have you ever wondered why God gave you the talents that He did? Do you think there is any divine purpose for you being who you are and living where you live? There is a purpose. There is a plan. And, when you give yourself fully to the work of the Lord, you are participating in the wonderful work of the Almighty Designer! You are participating in God's divine agenda. And not only that, Paul tells us that when you do your part in the work of the church, the body of Christ will most definitely grow. You can count on it (Eph. 4:16). Remember: your work does count! Your service does make a difference. There is an important work for you to do in the body of Christ!

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