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  A Life Of Praise

This world we live in is a hectic and crazy place. It seems that there is never time to do the things we want to do and many days zip by us with barely time to sit down. Many Christians feel that we are too busy to be GOOD Christians. We don't say this out loud, but in our hearts, we feel it is true. It does not have to be true in reality. Certainly, we may never have the time to stay for hours in a quiet room praying, but life itself can and should be a form of praise.

We, as Christians, need to train ourselves to be attuned to the wonderful world of opportunity given us. We must know, that giving God His share is more than tithing. It also means that in everything we do, we do the best we can. This means that if our job takes many hours from our days, then it is our obligation as Christians, to always offer up to God our very best work. Being a Christian means having high expectations of ourselves in that this life we have been gifted with has been entrusted to us to work with, cultivate, and always strive to use to it's greatest potential. God expects this of us and in doing the best we can, we glorify Him.

Yes, we still need time for quiet prayer. The trick is to make the best of the time available to us. Always, as in all things in life, it is quality, not quantity that counts. It is important to set aside time for quiet devotion and prayer and to use that time in the best way possible. Every minute does count. Enter your time of prayer with a clear mind and open heart. Dedicate that time truly to God and make it meaningful.

God does not want us to feel guilt that our lives are too hectic to dedicate the time we want to to Him. He wants to see a whole life. One that is complete in that it has been lived in praise of His name. He does not want to see us waste the gifts He has given us. Nor does he expect perfection, for we are human and no human is perfect. Strive to be your personal best and you give to God the greatest praise there is.

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