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Teenagers present a special challenge in a Christian home. The teen years are a time of so many changes and so much uncertainty that even in the best of homes, rebellion can occur. Raising a teenager is not easy and raising a Christian teenager is even more difficult.

Teenagers face many obstacles in their paths to leading a strong Christian lifestyle. Everyday, they are subject to extreme peer pressure, a materialistic society, and a social structure that sometimes looks down upon faith of any sort.

How do you strengthen a teenagers bond with our Lord and Savior? How do you teach them respect and restraint? These are the toughest questions a Christian parent must have answers to.

We've brought together a section called Just For Teens. In it you'll find many items of interest to teenagers along with articles to strengthen your child's faith and bond with Christ. Encourage your son or daughter to visit the site for wholesome and informative fun.

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