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  Hollywood- Where the Lowest Common Denominator Always Adds UpMonday, March 4th, 2024  
...the lower the blow, the higher the profits

We find that we can't go to a movie these days and not get insulted. In a recent edition of the PBS news show, Frontline, a Hollywood executive spoke on how the greatest factor in deciding to make a movie was the issue of overall profitability. In an attempt to increase profitability on a global scale, many factors are taken into account, but the common theme of sex and violence is known to industry insiders as the "lowest common denominator".

Lets face it; the vast majority of the films Hollywood produces and distributes are not that great, with a great percentage of them promoting vile subjects. For decades, Hollywood consistently has taken the causes most unworthy to society and fought on their behalf. For clarity, we define Hollywood as both the film and the television industry, with Media, Inc. (the news in general) a very close partner.

It is impossible to go to a movie these days and not have a character in the movie take the Lord's name in vain. We refuse to pay $7.50 to listen to actors and actresses mock the name of God and the values by which we live.

We don't do Hollywood, you shouldn't either.

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