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  Television Can Be HarmfulSunday, September 24th, 2023  
by Dr. Paul Faulkner

William Bennet has done a lot to help us as a nation focus on television, especially the trash-talk, the ugly, the sinful content. But there are other things about television that are harmful as well, especially for kids.

TV fosters unrealistic expectations. Everything is keyed to a 25 minute program and a five minute commercial break. Problems are solved immediately, viewers get the simplistic solutions and the perception that life really works that way. But it's a lie!

Television is a virtual parade of neurotic people, and they are presented as real life. And these things are repeated daily, hour by hour, over and over again. And it creates and absolutely false illusion about life for kids, especially for kids who lack the maturity to deal with them.

The Bible says, "I will not put before my eyes anything that is base." Wise words. Words that we ought to put into practice.

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