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  Homeschooling Resources: PeriodicalsTuesday, April 23rd, 2024  
by Patricia M. Lines

Magazines and Newsletters

The following list represents some of the many periodicals now available to homeschooling families. Check your local library or bookstore for additional titles.

The Drinking Gourd: Multicultural Home Education Magazine
P.O. Box 2557
Redmond, WA 98073
U.S.: $15/year for 6 issues

Multicultural magazine specializing in math and science information; includes catalog of software.

The Forum
National Homeschool Association
P.O. Box 157290,
Cincinnati, OH 45214-7290
U.S.: $15/year for 4 issues

Newsletter for homeschoolers catering to anyone with an interest in alternative education.

Growing Without Schooling
Holt Associates, Inc.
2269 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140
U.S.: $25/year for 6 issues
Outside the U.S.: $40/year

Journal representing a variety of religious beliefs; includes contributions by homeschooling parents and students, book and resource reviews, readers' feedback, pen-pal listings, and information directories.

Home Education Magazine
P.O. Box 1083
Tonasket, WA 98855
U.S.: $12/6 months for 3 issues;
$24/12 months for 6 issues

Magazine representing a variety of religious and philosophical beliefs and educational approaches; emphasizes child-led learning and features articles and helpful notes.

Homeschooling Today
P.O. Box 1425
Melrose, FL 32666-9988
U.S.: $20/year ($16 prepaid) for 6 issues
Canada: $27/year ($24 prepaid) for 6 issues

Magazine with a Christian perspective; favors the unit approach and offers curriculum guides, lesson plans, and reproducible pages.

The Home School Court Report
Home School Legal Defense Association
P.O. Box 159
Paeonian Springs, VA 22129
U.S.: $15/year for 6 issues

Magazine examining the legal aspects of home-schooling; provides information packets and curriculum guides for teachers and parents.

Home School Researcher
National Home Research Institute
c/o Western Baptist College
5000 Deer Park Drive SE
Salem, OR 97301-9392
U.S.: $40/year for 4 issues

Peer-reviewed academic journal on homeschoolers' achievements, specializations, and demographics; discusses philosophical, historical, legal, and policy issues.

Moore Report International The Moore Foundation
P.O. Box 1, Camas, WA 98607
U.S.: $12/year for 6 issues
Canada: $25/year for 6 issues

Newspaper with a Christian perspective; special interest in informal learning for younger children and national and international homeschooling news.

National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network
5383 Alpine Road SE
Olalla, WA 98359
U.S.: $15/year for 4 issues

Newsletter offering helpful information on homeschooling children with special needs.

New Attitude
P.O. Box 2250
Gresham, OR 97030
U.S.: $15/year for 4 issues ($2 for a sample)
Outside the U.S.: $20/year

Magazine with a Christian perspective, published by homeschooled teens for their peers; discusses topical issues such as college preparation, peer pressure, and dating.

Options in Learning
The Alliance for Parental Involvement in Education (AllPIE)
P.O. Box 59
East Chatham, NY 12060
U.S.: $20/year for 4 issues

Newsletter exploring a wide spectrum of public, private, and home education options.

Practical Homeschooling
Home Life
P.O. Box 1250
Fountain, MO 63026
U.S.: $15 for 4 issues; $24 for 8 issues
Canada: Add $10

Magazine with a Christian perspective; focuses on high-tech homeschooling, college opportunities, cutting-edge ideas, product reviews, and teaching methods.

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