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  Break The ChainTuesday, April 23rd, 2024  

Chain emails – they used to circulate by postal mail, but these days, they’re also showing up via email and Internet chat rooms.

You probably recognize one when you see it: It’s got a list of names and addresses with instructions to send something – say, a small sum of money – to one or more names on the list. You’re supposed to remove one or more names from the list, add your name to the bottom, and email the letter to a specific number of other people with directions on how they should "continue the chain."

But here’s the scoop on chain mail: If it promises any kind of return – like money – it’s fraudulent and illegal! If you start or forward one, you could face legal action.

Points to remember:
  1. Chain letters that involve money or valuable items and promise big returns are illegal. If you start a chain email or letter or send one on, you are breaking the law.

  2. Chances are you will receive little or no money back on your investment. Despite the claims, a chain letter will never make you rich.

  3. Some chain letters try to win your confidence by claiming that theyre legal, or even that theyre endorsed by the government. Nothing is further from the truth.

  4. If youve been a target of a chain email scam, contact your Internet Service Provider and forward the email to the FTC at:

You can help eliminate chain emails. Just break the chain.

Article courtesy US Federal Trade Commission

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