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  Where Did the Pictures Go?Monday, December 11th, 2023  
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Recently I was asked a question by a person who is having trouble forwarding images. via e-mail. He asked, "almost always when I forward e-mails containing pictures (whether the pictures are photos, drawings, cartoons, whatever) I inevitably get replies from people telling me that the pictures didn't come through. Is it me, or is it my computer? And, is there anything I can do?"

As I told him, the problem basically stems from the fact that there are a so many different e-mail programs and setups out there. But within virtually any e-mail program, you can set your e-mail to be sent and delivered one of two ways: either as Plain Text or as HTML. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is the language used to create Web pages.

With HTML e-mail, as with a Web page, you see fonts, photos and other graphics. They can be embedded within the e-mail. With plain text, graphics are converted to an attachment. Many people use plain text because they believe that it's actually more secure. (Technically an HTML e-mail can run malicious programming code when you view it.) However with virus checkers and firewalls being so prevalent today that risk very slight indeed. For example, I have my e-mail set to HTML and have never had a problem. You need to have your e-mail set to HTML if you are going to receive the Barnabas Report in all its glory. BTW I think that Outlook Express is set to HTML by default.

In any case, back to those pictures. If you insist on using Plain Text format the way to ensure people always get your pictures is to save them as an attachment. Instead of forwarding the e-mail directly, save whatever it is you want to pass on (such as a photo, for example) onto your hard disk. Then create a new e-mail, and attach the photo to it. Then send out the new e-mail.

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