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   Christian Internet Code Of EthicsTuesday, October 3rd, 2023  
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The impact of the Internet is nothing less than earthshaking. Communications are instantaneous and information is abundant. Christians are coming to the internet by the thousands each week.

In some ways, the Internet is a world of its own. Things are not always what they appear. Because of this there are some dangers that are not readily apparent, especially to the novice user.

The Christian Internet Code of Ethics is an effort by some Christians to declare boundaries they set for themselves on the Internet. It is not a set of rules, but a statement of values. In it we find believers saying, "We have found some dangers that may be hidden at first look and we want to point them out to those who join us on the Internet."

Suggestions for use:
There are at least four possible applications of the Christian Internet Code of Ethics:
  1. Simply read it, prayerfully consider it, and then decide in your heart that you will hold yourself to this standard -- it might be wise to print it off and post it near your computer

  2. Point it out to other Christians, especially those who are just coming onto the Internet, encourage them to make it their personal standard

  3. Parents might want to discuss with their children the importance of having an ethical code such as this operating in one's life, specifically, in this case, on the internet

  4. If you have a web page, incorporate the code on it
The Christian Internet Code of Ethics

As a Christian who is active on the internet, I hold myself to certain standards of conduct. They are:

I guard my online relationships

I recognize that attachments develop as easily on the internet as anywhere else, and sometimes more easily because of the anonymity involved in initial exchanges. I particularly guard against relationships that encroach upon the level of trust and faithfulness that is to exist only within a husband/wife relationship.

I am careful to visit websites that do not compromise my life in Christ

I am aware that there are sites on the internet that Christians must avoid, including those that contain pornography. I do not visit such sites, even out of curiosity. When, by accident (and it happens to everyone), I find such a page loading, I leave it immediately.

I take care that my written communications reflect Christ in my life

Even on issues about which I feel passionate, I avoid saying things that I feel might be displeasing to the Lord. I represent myself, and my intentions in a truthful and upright manner in all my exchanges.

I guard my time to assure that my time online is kept in proper balance with the rest of my life

I realize that the internet can consume time that should be invested elsewhere: family, church, work responsibilities, and other activities that make for a well rounded life. I especially guard against spending time on the internet that should be spent with the Lord.

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